Net iD Service

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Last update: 2019-09-15

The Net iD family of products offer four integration paths to choose from when creating applications with certificate and smart card interaction:

1) PKCS#11

With a PKCS#11 integration you will have a solution based on proven technology available on several platforms. You will probably find PKCS#11 more complicated than MS CAPI if you have not worked with certificates before. This path connects to cards, certificates and keys via the PKCS#11-interface exposed by Net iD Enterprise and Net iD SDK. If using Java it can be called by using "SunPKCS11 Provider".

2) Microsoft CryptoAPI

If you choose the MS CAPI path there is a lot in place from Microsoft and much documentaion to read about CAPI. This path connects to cards, certifcates and keys via the MS CAPI and the CSP included in Net iD Enterprise for Windows. If using Java it can be called by using "SunMSCAPI Provider".

3) The "plugin" in Net iD Enterprise

The Net iD Plugin is an ActiveX object for IE11 and IE-mode in upcoming Edge but can of cause be used as a COM-object in non-browser scenarios. When used for browser => Always use our free Javascript tool

4) The SOAP-interface to Net iD Access Server (REST/Json under implementation)

Not actually an interface to PKI and certificates. The interface makes it possible to create applications with support for smart card based login- and signing operations leaving the PKI-operations to Net iD Access (the client) and Net iD Access Server.
An out-of-band authentication and signing scheme. [New pages on it's way...]

Net iD Access is not an extension to the Net iD Enterprise product. Net iD Access is a separate product in the family of security products under the brand "Net iD".