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SecMaker Javascript Toolkit

sm-javascript-toolkit.html (Free to use)


Is it possible to get the UPN value from the certificate used for logon via TLS/SSL?

How to set filter when creating electronic signatures? (In Swedish)

Hur man loggar ut... (Login, Logout, ClearAuthenticationCache) (in Swedish)

Simple examples

test001_slotcard_tokencard.html (Net iD Plug-in with Javascript)

test002_detectcard.html (Net iD Plug-in with Javascript)

test003_version.html (Net iD Plug-in with Javascript)

test004_underskrift.html (Net iD Plug-in with Javascript and decent parsing. (Parsing works only for SITHS-certificates))

test006_cardnumberfromcardfilesystem.html (Net iD Plug-in with Javascript)

test008_hsaid.html (Net iD Plug-in with Javascript)

test009_plugin.html (Net iD Plug-in with Javascript)

test010_login_logout.html (Net iD Plug-in with Javascript)

test011_allcerts.html (EnumProperty('Certificate')

test012_allcerts.html (EnumProperty('CertificateEx')

test013_Monitoring-a-Smartcard-Reader.html (C#)

test014_tokencard.html (Version, ActiveSlot, TokenInfo, TokenCard, SlotCard)

test015_slotcard_tokencard_key.html (Version, Key, TokenCard, SlotCard, Component)

test016_authentication.html (Old one without MITM-protection)

test017_authentication.html (New one with MITM protection)

test018_authentication.html (New one with MITM protection and parsing)

test019_certificateserialnumber.html (SubjectSerialnumber)

test020_EventPresent.html (detektera kort i och kort ur via en webbsida)

test023a.html (Close a page on card remove)

index.html (Read UpdateCounter values from card)