Net iD Service

Net iD Access

Page updated: 2022-04-01

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What Net iD Access is:

Net iD Access is primarily two things:

a) Pointsharps product for multi-factor authentication and digital signature creation with support for mobile devices, phones and tablets, running iOS or Android

b) An out-of-band method for multi factor authentication and digital signature creation not only for mobile devices but also for Windows, macOS and Linux

Net iD Access supports cards and Yubikeys and keys/certificates stored in the app itself. This is something that differentiates Net iD Access from many other solutions

Is Net iD Access the new Net iD?

No, Net iD Access is not the "new Net iD" or a new version of Net iD Enterprise (Net iD Enterprise is often referred to as "Net iD").
Net iD Access is a new product and can be used alongside Net iD Enterprise. They have different purposes.

Think like this:
a) Login to Windows, sign e-mails, login to health care systemes, web applications using mutual TLS, VPN, SSH, etc. = > Net iD Enterprise
b) New modern applications/apps on PCs, Macs and phones/tablets, for example Swipecare and Treserva => Net iD Access

Supported operating systems

Supported browsers

Net iD Access works with all browsers, but remember that the web application may have it's own limitation regarding browsers

For automatic app switch from a web application and then back to Net iD Access on iOS and Android only the default browser is supported, ie. Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.

Will existing web applications with support for certificate based login automatically support Net iD Access?

No, not automatically. The web application, or even better, it's IdP, must implement support for Net iD Access

Most of the web applications as of today use mutual TLS for login. Net iD Access is not mutual TLS, it's an out-of-band authentication concept.